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Blore-HYD Tour (31st,Jan - 1st,Feb)-Pinak's Review
After I returned from Delaware, on a fine day while chatting with Rajesh we decided to plan a get together with all our classmates by end of 2008. He opted Goa as his choice. When I tried to find out what the rest of the group feel about this, we observed that Goa being on high alert always and that too end of year, we had ...[read more..]

Blore-Coorg Tour (13th,Dec - 14th,Dec)
It was another nice trip initiated from Pinak. We have been going to couple of places, but this two days trip was really good; where we started on Saturday and returned back to our homes on Sunday. Let me share about our trip in brief...[read more..]

Pinak's dream trip to United states(8th,Nov,08)
Just by the time I am celebrating the new house warming cereony at Kakinada in first week of October, I got the opportunity to represent the India's most reputed company Infosys at JPMC, Delaware. [read more..]

My BDay Celebration!!! (27th,Jul)
           It was a wonderful evening after ~5 years!!! I don't want to put the word "Thanks for All" and wash my hands..., but just want to say it to each one individually and want you to know the efforts spent by them to make my(our) celebration grand success. [read more..]

My B'Day Bash on July 27 2008 (Pinak' Review)
It was not a normal weekend for anyone in Bangalore. Of course for me too.. After the terror attack on Friday, 25 July 2008, returned from office early in a tense mood. Luckily there was no power cut in the city as a result of the disturbance in normal life. So, I cooked some food and me and my room mates had dinner and watced one of the classics of 70's "Aaradhana" of Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. [read more..]

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